How do we help our candidates

Your dream job won’t find you, you have to find it. Set your goals today and make them happen this year - Anonymous

We work closely with the clients to ensure accurate understanding of the job profile for which candidates are required. We do work towards knowing the organization ethos and work culture, specific job functions and reporting structure. This not only gives us clear understanding of the job description and the requisite skills set for the desired candidate but also helps in providing the most suitable fit.

Resume writing , designing and Modification : Resume's are the first level of introduction that the candidate offers the prospective employer. A outmoded resume shows a callous and laid back attitude and is often the cause of non selection. It is also evident that not everybody is an expert at writing resumes. We at Job Jeanie provide such assistance at competitive prices. Candidates furnish to us their professional , personal and academic achievements and accordingly we formulate them into a professional Resume that depicts their true worth and meets the company norms.

Career Counseling : For people who are beginning their career, it is challenging to identify a correct professional path. Lack of adequate guidance can result in dissatisfied, non-productive and low growth career. Counseling them to choose the right alternative and make appropriate professional decision is our continuous endeavor. This not only motivates the candidate but also helps us to identify talented people that have the zeal to achieve success in their career paths.

. Soft skill training : Preparing for an Interview can be nerve wrecking for few people. It is not that they lack expertise but sometimes fear of being rejected or lack of confidence can be intermittent causes. At Job Jeanie we understand how important and crucial it is to train and motivate candidates so that they are confident while facing the interview panel and can exhibit their true skills, therefore we do undertake the challenge and provide soft skill trainings to the willing candidates so that they can exult in their career.

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