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"The people you recruit are the people who make up your brand - Anonymous

We work closely with the clients to ensure accurate understanding of the job profile for which candidates are required. We do work towards knowing the organization ethos and work culture, specific job functions and reporting structure. This not only gives us clear understanding of the job description and the requisite skills set for the desired candidate but also helps in providing the most suitable fit.

For all growing organizations meeting the staffing requirements is a big challenge. A company spends man hours, finance and its resources to find suitable candidates that participate in growth of the company. The importance of hiring the right candidate is also emphasized by Lawrence Bossidy, former COO of GE

"“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of GE and author

In order to assist our clients in their staffing needs, we at Job Jeanie provide the following services:

Resume search : At Job Jeanie we make additional efforts in understanding the client requirement and using this information to conduct a focused and target based resume search for finding the best match for available jobs. Our resume search process is an elaborate yet strategic technique whereby we rely on our own database of talented individuals that we have come across in years of operations along with searches done on social media and other internet based resume search engines.

Telephonic Interview : A norm we have been following very diligently is to talk to the candidate and find out whether the candidates' skill set does match in-line with his/her resume. It also helps us in understanding if the candidate is behaviorally fit for the organization. The feedback is passed on to the client which helps them in taking appropriate decisions.

Aligning Candidates for Face-to-Face interview : The most important aspect of being a Human Resource consultant is to make the right candidate appear for interviews. The process is entirely being managed by us and thus relieves the client staff of being hassled with the follow-ups and saves a lot of their resources and efforts.

Background checks : At times clients desire for reference checks or background checks for the candidate they choose to hire. This allows them the opinion of previous employers of the candidate and ensures that the potential employee is fit for the available portfolio.

Soft skill training : A successful business can be achieved by continuous stride towards perfection. Even the best of staff would need improvisation and there is always a scope to learn. Ever changing industry trends demand continuous up gradation of the talent pool present within the organization. Replacing old and worn out work ethics with improvised techniques at work, not only keeps the work force motivated but also improves the overall productivity of the organization. Hence, we have designed certain training programs for all hierarchical levels within an organization. Our programs are designed to suit individual and departmental training needs. Our training solutions provide a broad range of corporate training programs that are focused on improving individual performance, team performance and hence essentially the overall performance of the organization.

Employee assessment : This is an integral part of work force management which enables organization to understand complete capability of its hired workforce. Employee assessment tools are designed to identify candidates underlying motives, traits and skills which enables the Human resource team to make prompt decisions. This is a time taking process that needs expertise and experience for providing qualitative judgments. Often clients do not want their HR team to be involved in such tedious task and thus we assist them in performing these assessments. We have carefully designed following screenings to measure candidate's and employee's real caliber

͋ On-site Structured Interview and Integrity Tests : Measures whether the candidate fits the job description by analyzing his employment history and the personal characteristics.

͋ Qualifications Screens and Knowledge Tests : These tests aims at measuring highly objective or "visible" things related to experience and motives such as education, specific skill set or academic trainings required or salary expectations of the candidate.

͋ Talent Measures, Culture Fit and Values Inventories : These can effectively measure less visible candidate characteristics that influence job performance such as interpersonal style, motivation and analytical skills.

Outsourcing HR Role : For companies that operate on small scale or are small or medium sized production units, NGOs, self-managed proprietary firms or even SME's keeping a dedicated HR team can be a tedious and unwanted activity. We at Job Jeanie act as their contracted / outsourced HR team whereby we perform all their HR duties as a hired and dedicated HR would do. This would involve conducting interviews, recording salary and maintaining payroll, attendance/leave records, exit interviews etc.

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